The OUSM PoE Injector completely matches IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3af standard, which enable it to work with all of IEEE 802.3af compliant PDs (Powered Gadgets) and Power over ethernet Splitter,to grow the networking to where you would like to place PDs however lacks the electric outlet. The PoE Injector can be apply on Access Point, CCTV Camera, VoIP Phones etc…

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Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001Model OUSM 001
Model OUSM 001Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001Model OUSM 001 Model OUSM 001Model OUSM 001

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Shenzhen Ou Shang Mei Technology Co., Ltd., Our factory began in 2013. It’s a innovative engineering factory focused on exploring and making all sorts of power adapter & PoE Injector.Watch the video below to Learn more about US.

OUSM Supply Wall Mount (24w series) & Desktop type (24w series) Power over ethernet Injector Adapter, IEEE 802.3af compliant, work well more than 100 meters (325 Feet)

  • Power Source: 24W or 48W series (Maximum. 48VDC) Grows networking to places without any power lines or perhaps outlets
  • Suitable for usage on access points and CCTV cameras
  • Provides power up to 100 meters (328 feet)
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet jacks for lightning-fast wired rates of speed
    Connect and Play, no settings needed

Please check the 24W & 48W Series PoE Injector Design Drawing Belows

OUSM Power over Ethernet Injector – PoE Injector 10/100/1000Mbps

The OUSM PoE (Power over ethernet) Injector helps to set up Small Company Wi-fi Access Points flexibility. The poe power injector gives an solution to outer DC power while implementing the Power over ethernet switch isn’t a plan.

  • Power over ethernet connectivity usually are delivered to 802.3af- and 802.3at-compliant endpoint equipment.
  • PoE Injector helps Small Company Wi-fi Access Points.
  • Wi-fi access points are usually installed on the wall or roof, or in which outer power isn’t easy to access, with Power over ethernet functions.
  • Gigabit LAN ports supply high-speed connectivity towards the LAN and endpoint equipment.
  • Injector contributes Power over ethernet capacity to a non-PoE Ethernet switch or wireless router.

Power over ethernet Injector Solutions

PoE Injector can provide Power for Ethernet Devices which includes Middle Span Gigabit Power over ethernet Injector to 802.3af and 802.3at Power Over Ethernet Wireless routers and Switches. PoE is the # 1 supplier for High quality PoE power Injector requirements.


Exactly what is a Power over ethernet injector or PoE Injector?

A Power over ethernet injector, a product also also known as a “midspan”, features or injects power to an Ethernet cable. The injector contributes power to data that’s from a non-PoE switch or “endspan”. It has an external power source.

PoE Injectors help admins to populate and effectively assist LANs with both compliant as well as noncompliant equipment.

What’s Power over Ethernet?

Power over Ethernet (POE) is actually a technologies which allows network wires carry electrical energy.
For instance, an electronic surveillance camera normally requires 2 connections to be made when it’s installed:

  • The network connection, to be able to communicate with videos and display devices
  • The power connection, to provide the electrical energy the camera has to work
The Reason to use Power over ethernet Injector?

Specifying Power over Ethernet offers several advantages to an installment:

  1. Time and value savings — by reduction of the time and cost of having electrical energy cabling installed. Network cables don’t require a professional electrician to install them, and can be placed anyplace.
  2. Flexibility — without having to be connected to an electrical socket, equipment including IP digital cameras and wi-fi access points can be placed any place they’re required, and repositioned quickly if needed.
  3. Security — POE Injector delivery is smart, and made to protect networking devices from overload, underpowering, as well as wrong installment.
  4. Reliability — POE power comes from a core and universally suitable source, instead of a collection of distributed wall plugs. It can be backed-up by an uninterruptible power source, or handled to easily disable or reset devices.
  5. Scalability — having power available on the system implies that installment and distribution of networking connections is easy and efficient.
How Does PoE Injector Works?
A.For 802.3af compliant Powered Equipment

On the enter side, link the injector to the power adapter and a data source for example a wireless router or perhaps a poe switch. On the output side, link the injector to the Powered Gadget such as an access point, Ip phone, or a CCTV camera.

B. For Non-PoE Gadgets

On the input side, link the poe injector to the ac adaptor and a data source for example a router or a poe switch. On the output side, link the injector to a splitter, then to a non-PoE gadget.

Applications of the PoE Injectors;

Power over ethernet has several applications, however the 3 major fields are:

  • VoIP phones — the initial Power over ethernet application. Making use of Power over ethernet indicates phones take a single link to a wall socket, and can be remotely powered down, like the older analogue techniques.
  • CCTV cameras — POE has become all-pervasive on networked monitoring cameras, where it allows quick implementation and straightforward repositioning.
  • Wireless — Wireless and Bluetooth APs and RFID readers are generally PoE-compatible, to enable remote place away from AC outlets, and relocation following site surveys.
What’s the distinction between the Power over ethernet injector and a Power over ethernet splitter?

The main difference between the injector and the splitter is the fact that the PoE injector sends power to Power over ethernet devices that gets data via existing non-POE switches. The splitter also supplies power, however it does so by splitting the power from the data and giving it to a separate input that the non-PoE compliant device can use. & OUSM Tech Co.,Ltd Poe Injector provide high performance, economical options for combining data and power on just one Cat5e/Cat6 cable to remote equipment including access points, IP phones, CCTV Camera and more.

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